about me

smell the flowersHiya! I’m Lindsey. I like to meander the world. You can hashtag that if you want.

I’m a luxury hospitality brand standard trainer turned luxury residence property manager turned luxury travel consultant, and grew up getting lost in foreign cities and attempting to master sleeping on a plane (the struggle is REAL).

Due to my utter lack of awards or accolades, absence of coverage in the press, and accurate designation as a blog ‘newb’, you may be wondering why I started a blog.

My husband can attest to how often I use my favorite answer, “BECAUSE I CAN”, but in reality I’m hoping to inspire your adventures by sharing some of mine, help you travel smarter by sharing tips hidden amongst my slightly biased opinion on a whole slew of travel topics, and ideally make you laugh while doing so!

A few things about me:

I love big mountains. I grew up in Colorado, the mountains are home, and a fair amount of my travels are to visit and wander around mountainous regions. We moved to the San Juans because it’s probably the closest I’ll ever get to living in Switzerland. This is your advance warning that I will talk about mountains, mountain activities and mountain tourism.

Sarcasm is a way of life. I’m a generally patient and kind person, but if you cannot read and understand dry humor this blog may not be the best idea for you. I’ve been told I have a certain level of ‘snark’.

In a half-assed effort to become more polished and ladylike, I replace (most) cuss words with the word ‘balls’. As in, “Holy balls, look at that!”. Or “What the balls?”. Sometimes, just “BALLS”. Or my favorite, “Shitballs”. That last one doesn’t really work. You get the gist.

Bucket lists suck (hear me out): Travel is good for you, and there are a whole bunch of studies that have proven it. I do not view world travel as a list of Instagram-able destinations to check off in a ‘been there, done that’ fashion. Pick somewhere wild, and make a plan! Buy the ticket! I’ll help you!

The word ‘foodie’ conjures images of posh diners taking perfectly framed shots of their meal to post on social media while simultaneously reviewing the restaurant. I will not call myself a foodie, but I have unabashedly taken beautiful shots of food before breaking into a happy dance mid-bite. I love food. It unites people like nothing else can. A good beer or bourbon doesn’t hurt either.

The “purpose of life” quote from ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ moves me every time I watch the movie. Seriously, it’s…cornily good. In case you don’t know it, here it is next to me at the Eiger:

eiger meaning of life

Kinda good, huh?

Thanks for visiting my tiny corner of blog land!